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About Me.

I believe my Grandma Louise was right when she said…

· Everyone has a basic desire inside them to do good things.

· But there’s always someone trying to hand you a box of crap.

· If you ever have trouble determining if something is right or wrong, picture everyone doing it.

That was some 60 years ago – and has served me well my entire life. Of course, there were many other things learned along the way, but what a foundation to start off with, eh?

In summation of my life, I’ve amplified what my Grandma Louise said, based on what I’ve experienced…

· Everyone CAN do Great things when desire is put into action.

· If handed a box of crap – simply refuse to accept it.

· Determining right from wrong becomes easier over time – making the right choice is the challenge.

Realizing I can’t fix all that is broken nor right all the wrongs that exist, I’ve identified 3 things that I’m willing to give my all towards to make better…

· Finding useful resources for people dealing with in home and hospice care for the elderly.

· Finding useful resources for our veterans to file benefit claims for which they have earned and deserve.

· Finding useful resources to hopefully retire in
bliss instead of blisters.


Why? …

· My wife and I have been caring for her 86-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s for the past 6 years and man has it been a challenge finding information and resources.

· My Vietnam Veteran cousin, suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, has been repeatedly denied benefits he’s earned and deserves, until we connected him to the right resources and aid.

· After busting my rump for decades, was devalued by a company I thought was “the” company to retire from. I was slapped in the face when I was offered a salary, I was making with them 10 years ago.

But here’s the kicker of all kickers. My 93-year-old aunt, who played a huge part in my upbringing, died in a cubby hole in an elderly care facility because we couldn’t afford to get her a room to close out her days.

Finding valuable information is the MISSION.

Being of Value is the GOAL.


I've created a Facebook Group for each of these 3 things (listed below) if you're inclined to join and participate in either or ALL. Just click on the Group you'd like to join and follow the instructions inside Facebook.

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